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Remember the last post about the hidden gem located in Sabah? Well, we fully utilized the place. La Bumba was given permission to film our Body Positivity Campaign video there and this is how it went -

We asked women from all walks of life two questions. 

  1. What Body Positivity meant to them?
  2. What makes a women beautiful?

You'll have to watch the video to know the answers. (see what i did there)

Now let's be real. Each and everyone of us grew up disliking a certain part of our body. In fact we pay more attention to what bothers us instead of what stands out. Why are we so bias to negativity? Let us know when you figure it out   Our goal here at La Bumba is to bring awareness, to empower and to encourage women to love themselves now without conditions. The answers and messages from this women we interviewed are wonderful, supportive and focus on why we are beautiful and unique in our own ways.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do making it.


La Bumba!

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