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My life had been one big hate-fest on my body.

I don't know when or how it developed,

but since young I have been comparing my body to others.

I was never happy, felt it was never good enough and just kept 

falling down the negativity rabbit hole.

One day I hit a point where I was too sick of caring

how many calories one piece of cabbage has or

how many sit-ups I needed to get those 'perfect abs'. 

I wanted to be free of these feelings. And so I started

to make amends with myself and my body and turned to lifting. 

I started to put in the effort to learn to love myself again.

It didn't happen overnight nor did it happen in a couple of weeks.

But after some time and a lot of self care

and reading, I started a new kind of relationship 

with my mind and body. This phenomenon leads to physique 

transformation and with that enters new personality.

You fit in new clothes, you are always sort of high on life,

full of personal accomplishment, with amazing 'feel good' emotions.

My self discipline has definitely improved

since then. Now that I get such a rush from hitting goals in the gym,

I started to take that to other areas of my life.

It's because when we stick to a gym regime we're actually

getting some discipline in our lives,

we're getting a bit of balance, we're achieving goals

and there comes the drive.

Over the past few years,

I have been learning to be positive about my body 

and I still am. This body positivity movement 

should spend less time saying everyone is beautiful

and more time saying its not important to be beautiful, 

that being beautiful is not what gives someone value.

It is about being positive.

It is about being grateful and proud of all

that you have, do and are.

It's about talking to yourself with compassion,

acceptance and adoration.

 Its about loving your own skin

because its the carriage that carries your 

beautiful heart and brilliant mind around the world.

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